Christmas! (Part Two!)

Christmas is over and it was wonderful.  Christmas Eve morning I insisted on wearing my Christmas PJs on the drive from NH to MA so I could wear them for opening presents.  Luckily I have an awesome husband who will go along with me.  So while opening presents and having lunch everyone else was dressed nicely and we were in pajamas.  I can say that we were definitely more comfortable.

We then went to the Christmas Eve party which was SOOOO much fun.  Lots of drinking, eating, and at least for me playing the piano with the little kids.  Believe me, if you have holiday parties and you don’t go through several bottles of wine you are missing out.  One of the high points was the yankee swap that my cousin organizes every year.  There were 23 of us playing which made it crazy.  I got the game Catchphrase which was awesome.  Mitch, my sister in law, and I played it until 2am Christmas night.  I ended up making my dress but I don’t have any good pictures, too much time having fun to spend time taking outfit pictures.

Christmas with the in-laws was fun as usual.  We had a Christmas feast that lasted from 2:30 to 6:30, not counting desert.  Yum, yum, yum.  All and all a fantastic Christmas.


My Love Hate Relationship With Christmas (Part One…Part Two to come maybe?)

I must state first that Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday.  Even as an atheist.  For Valentine’s day my husband got me about 6 days worth of holiday songs.  It was an awesome present then, even better after Thanksgiving when I allow myself to start listening to Christmas music.  It’s been constant and lovely since then.  The apartment is decorated, our cat got loads of presents, in NY it was perfect.

Then come the presents.  This year it was a lot of fun.  We like to make our presents (yes we are kind of those people, but I am legitimately talented in this area).  We watched a Santa Clause movie marathon, made presents, and had tons of fun. 

Bum bum bum.  Today comes.  Travel day.  Our travel schedule for the next few days goes like this:  drive from NYC to my Dad’s house in NH (about 5 hours), Friday drive from NH to my mom’s house in Waltham (1 1/2 hours), Waltham to family party in Natick (30 minutes), Natick to NH (2 hours).  Christmas! NH to NYC (to check on our poor little kitten that we were forced to leave alone) (5 hours), NYC to Purchase, NY (45 minutes).  And then staying in Westchester anywhere from one to four days.  Also, let me tell you driving early in the monring on Christmas while hungover (which I will be, the only way to enjoy our lovely Christmas Eve parties). 

That’s not really the bad part.  The ride up here was enjoyable, Christmas caroling the entire way.  Somehow I got the most amazing husband who also enjoys to do this.  It’s the family interactions that I’ve come to dread.

Our immediate family Christmas plans have changed a million times in the past few days.  It’s been hard because my parents are recently divorced and me and my brothers lurve traditions.  I love giving presents, especially watching the person opening it to see if they love or hate it.  Present giving is not something to be rushed.  But according to someone in the family it is.  Last Christmas morning was ruined not because I didn’t get good presents, couldn’t care less about that, but because I wanted to slow everything down so we could appreciate what we got.  What was more frustrating was the reason given was that we had to get on the road.  Well then shouldn’t it be our decision?  Just let me have my gift giving rituals!

Also, “Do They Know It’s Chistmas?”.  NOT A CHRISTMAS SONG.  Buzz

(Next post will contain a plethora of fashion related woes and semi solutions, get excited.  And watch Mystery Science Theater 3000:  The Beast of Yucca Flats, you will not be dissapointed.)


And I’m Back! - Outfit 11

It may appear that I’m behind on the challenge, but actually I’m just really super behind on posting.  A combination of Thanksgiving and some other craziness has put it on the back burner for awhile.  This outfit is from the night before Thanksgiving.  Mitch wanted to go see the balloons being blown up for the parade and I thought sure, how crazy can it be.  Insane is the answer.  There were thousands of people there and they made you line up instead of just being able to stroll around the balloons.  Neither of us actually wanted to wait in line so we left.  Also, as all the restaurants were filled to capacity with tourists we just went home for a lovely dinner.  Home made tuna steaks, so much better.

You can’t really tell in the pictures but I’m wearing these great lace knee socks over my tights.  It looked cool up close.  Unfortunately I don’t think that lace knee socks on their own are going to be a viable option for awhile.


Vest:  Thrift Store

Dress:  Banana Republic

Tights:  TJ Maxx

Socks:  Forever 21

Boots:  Thrift Store


We Won! - Outfit 10

I went to the game this weekend and we won, 28 - 21.  Though I have to admit I didn’t care about the score until I realized there were 3 minutes left in the game and yale had the ball.  I did not want to go into overtime.  The sun was going down behind the stadium and it was freezing.  It was a great day, including a lot of tailgating and then toasting the band after the game.

Also, as you can see in the pictures, it was extremely windy.  Mitch volunteered us to go up to the press box to take pictures of the halftime show rather than guard the band’s seats from the unruly crowds.  The stadium’s beautiful but so old, it was a very long way up with no elevator. 

My outfit was more utilitarian than anything else.  I couldn’t find my under armor so I wore tights underneath thick knee socks with my boots.  I also picked my dress because it’s super comfortable and combined with a long sleeve T and my sweatshirt and band jacket I was pretty much warm the whole time. 


Dress:  Thrift Store

Shirt:  H&M

Boots:  Thrift Store

Tights:  Betsey Johnson

Socks:  Forever 21


Road Trip - Outfit Nine

Today we took a road trip to Boston, more specifically Waltham.  I got to see my mom and her adorable new puppy.  We’re here for the football game tomorrow, but now I’m thinking we may just go to the Lanvin for H&M opening instead (to buy stuff for Mitch…).

I just have to get out a mini-rant.  How is it that people who have graduated from college can still be cliquey and bitchy?  I’m honestly shocked by how I was treated tonight by someone I thought was a good friend.  So much so that I really don’t want to go and see some of those people tomorrow.  Is it worth it to hang out with one good friend and have some drunken football fun if you have to deal with A LOT of incredibly mean people.  I mean honestly, do nice people just not go to Harvard?  Or did I just not meet any of them? 

For something more related, I loved my outfit for today.  I would never have thought about pairing these two pieces, but the ruffles from the blouse make the sweater dress much more interesting.  Sorry for the weird faces, the sun was at a bad angle.


Sweater Dress:  Thrift Store

Blouse:  H&M

Knee Socks:  Forever 21

Boots:  Thrift Store


Preparing for Football(ish)!

I can’t sleep so I’ve decided to plan out what to pack for my weekend in Boston.  Well, not in Boston but nearby.  No, not Tufts. (Thank you 30 Rock I’ve used that many more times than is appropriate.)

Yes, it would be more beneficial to actually pack but since that involves physical exertion plus waking up my husband to get the suitcase on the top shelf I’m going to do it this way (believe me he’ll be happy about that).

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Why are you putting this much effort into what you’re wearing to a football game?”  You’re right.  It is silly.  But the Harvard-yAle weekend is not just about a football game.  It’s more of a yearly reunion.  Considering I haven’t been since 2007 and haven’t seen a lot of people since 2008 it’s kind of like a mini high school/college reunion.  At least it is for someone as neurotic as I am.

The day of the game is easy.  I can either wear a prop crew uniform (hideous but I can wear anything underneath) or something cute with the band jacket.

Here are my ideas:

Friday (for the ride and probably going out at night):

The plan is to wear the ruffle shirt under the sweater dress so just the ruffle shows.  The dress is super comfy, great for both driving and stumbling around drunk.  I also should be getting some over the knee black socks from Forever 21 tomorrow (ordered forever ago, no cheating) that would go great with this.  Otherwise tights.

Saturday Day (Game Time):

This is if I decide to go for cute.  I’d pair it with my under armor pants and a super cute bow belt I just discovered I owned. 

Saturday Night:

Saturday should be more casual/more walking around hence the flats.  If I get my cool new socks I’ll have rust colored ones and lace ones to choose from.  Plus I’ll add a belt. 

Sunday (ride home):


This challenge is making it much easier to pack.  I might be able to bring my small suitcase for once.  As long as Mitch is cool with carrying both band jackets and uniforms.  Also I might bring my accordion. 

The best part of all of this is that we can leave here tomorrow whenever we want.  Times like these make having a car in NYC totally worth it.

Any suggestions for things to add???


Falling Hurts: Outfit 8

Today I ventured out into Central Park to try and find a secluded place to take my pictures.  I found one but the ground was very uneven which resulted in me falling and taking some ridiculous pictures.

Those are the only normal ones.  Enjoy the ridiculousness.

This whole ordeal was a lot of fun.  I am glad that I found a secluded spot because having someone see this crazy happen in person would have been a bit too embarrassing.

I love this dress.  First of all it’s incredibly comfortable, complete with an elastic waist.  It does mean that I have to wear the dress with a belt or a jacket but still, amazing.  I also love the color.  I don’t own anything else in this color blue.  Especially for fall and winter it’s great to wear as a pick me up, to counteract the grey skies.


Dress:  Vintage

Jacket:  Forever 21

Boots:  Thrift Store

Hat:  Old Navy


A Clueless Girl’s Guide To Beauty: Red Lipstick

My first goal is to tackle red lipstick.  I love how it looks on other people.  It’s fantastic, you can be wearing nothing special but put on bright red lipstick and boom! you’re glamorous.  When I do it I always feel that I look like a clown.  So really this is an exercise in correctly using red lipstick and having confidence in myself while wearing it.

Of course my first step is finding the correct shade of red lipstick.  Off to the internet I went!  There I found many, many unhelpful suggestions.  Such as go to Sephora and try out the lipstick on your wrist to see what shade works, and get the help of someone who works there.  So basically have a professional tell you what to get and then spend a million dollars on lipstick.  Not something I was going to do.  I then ended up at the Maybelline:  My Color Advisor.  Great!  I naively thought.  At first it seemed helpful, I do have brown hair, my skin is fair.  Then it threw in the crazy.  Why in the world is knowing whether I like sunflowers, roses, or pearls going to help pick what shade is right for me?

So I set out on my own.  I know I have yellow undertones in my skin and that seems to be most important when picking make-up and hair color (witness my senior year of high school and unfortunate decision to go blond).  Figuring out what undertones you have is pretty easy, it’s usually yellow, rosy, or olive, just take a long look in a mirror in a well lit room.  If it’s olive you’re set, you can wear just about anything.  For rosy and yellowy it’s a bit more tricky.  I’ll show you my process.

First, I thought of the color charts.  The two colors opposite each other always complement each other very nicely.  On a color chart the opposite of yellow is purple.  I once died my hair purple and it looked amazing:

(those are fireworks in the middle).

So I can’t be too far off.  As far as I could tell red lipstick comes in shades of perfect red, red with blue undertones, and red with yellow undertones.  I had a feeling the yellow undertones wouldn’t work.  I don’t want to look even more yellow and have people think my liver gave out.  Going with my color wheel theory I chose the lipstick with blue undertones and ended up with this:

I got Maybelline (I know, but it had a good color, I’m not going to penalize it completely over a stupid website) Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival.

And then got a matching lip liner because I think I read somewhere you’re supposed to use lip liner with dark lipstick.  It’s a pretty color.  We will see how it actually looks on next time…

Using the color chart logic, if you have more red in your complexion you should probably get a red lipstick with yellowish undertones.  Of course this could all just be meaningless but I have faith in my system.


Wow These Pictures Are Bad - Outfit Seven

This is what daylight savings time does to me.  Mitch doesn’t get home in time to take pictures during daylight hours so I decide, of course I can do it myself.  Why not climb out the window onto the rickety fire escape?  Even better, there’s nowhere to position my camera that gets my whole body into the frame and doesn’t make my legs look short and stumpy. 

The first picture is from the first set.  It’s when I was still optimistic.  The second is what I imagine I would look like if I were high.  The third is when I got the brilliant idea to climb onto the incredibly dilapidated ladder.  Surprise, surprise that did not work out. 

Anyway, the outfit.  Today I was going for nerdy, with the cuffed jeans, loafers, suspenders and my mad hatter hat.  I like the outfit.  I’m especially a fan of the jeans and loafers with no socks.  Bonus, they are actually more comfortable that way.  Also, anytime I wear suspenders I feel silly and ridiculous which is a pretty good way to feel.  All and all an enjoyable outfit at the very least. 


Shirt:  Delia’s (gift)

Jeans:  H&M

Shoes:  Thrift Store

Suspenders:  Thrift Store

Hat:  Craft Fair in Brooklyn


A Clueless Girl’s Guide To Beauty

I have a problem.  I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to make-up.  I think this is because of a little situation in my youth involving cotton balls, magic markers, and a yelling mother which may have scarred me to things relating to make-up in anyway.  Anyway, I have decided that this has gone on for too long.  I’m old enough to be able to put on make-up that consists of more than a swipe of eyeshadow, mascara and lip gloss.  Also, I’m tired of my straight boring hair.  So I’m going to do something about it.

I’m going to start experimenting with different make-up and hair techniques and products and not get frustrated when they don’t look amazing the first time.  I figure that I’m not the only one that has this problem so I’m going to document my journey into red lipstick and hair products.  So here is my Clueless Girl’s Guide To Beauty.  Enjoy!